How do tips work with EMV transactions?

How do tips work with EMV transactions?

On the Genius device

If you have the Tip feature turned on, your Genius device prompts the customer to enter a tip amount before it sends the authorization request to the processors. Because Genius sends the sale and tip in a single transaction it means:

  • You do not need to make an adjustment after the authorization
  • Tip acceptance is not limited to certain merchant types
  • There is no difference between EMV and magstripe transactions

Contact your sales representative if you are interested in adding the Tip feature to your Genius device.

Note: Not all of our POS partners support the Tip feature.

Without a Genius device

  • Only certain merchant types may add a tip to a transaction after it has been authorized, for example:

  – Bars

  – Restaurants

  – Taxis

  – Salons

  • There are limits to the tip amount that you can add to a transaction.
Note: Transactions that do not meet the requirements for tip adjustments may be downgraded or lose chargeback disputes.

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