How do I access Statements and Reporting?

You can access Statements and Reporting through: Payments Portal TSYS Portal You can log on to these portals from any device that has an Internet connection and a web browser. Log on using the user name we have provided or your administrator has provided.  Access for Payments Portal users Open your web browser. In the […]

Do I get access to my statement before I am charged?

Unfortunately, we do not have access to that information until the day the billing is processed. However, you can use Statements and Reporting to view statements the day after the fees are debited from your account.

Why have I received two different monthly statements?

If we migrated your merchant service account to TSYS after the 2nd day of the month, you may have received two separate statements and seen multiple new fees deducted from your bank account. This happens only if you processed transactions with First Data before we migrated your account to TSYS. For example, if we migrated […]

When are the monthly fees deducted from my bank account?

Monthly fees are taken out of your account between the first and fifth business day of the month. For example, your account activity in January will be debited on the second business day of February. When fees are deducted, the descriptor on your bank statement is typically one of the following: CR CD CHBK: Debit […]

Understanding your statement

We have created printable guides to help you understand your statement, which you can access using the Statements and Reporting tool. The guides are in PDF format; to view them you need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Understanding your statement for tiered billing Understanding your statement for interchange billing

Can I receive my statements by mail?

We have gone paperless. You can view and download all your statements free of charge from the Statements and Reporting tool. If you prefer to receive statements by mail, contact our Customer Support Team.

Why am I getting separate charges from

These are third-party services that charge their own fees. While we can help you to set up these third-party gateway services, you need to contact their Client Service department for any billing questions related to their service.

Can I access my account information online?

Yes. You can access your account information using our Statements and Reporting tool. Our Statements and Reporting tool is an online reporting system, which allows you to view the following information: Statements, batch, and transaction information for the previous 18 months Deposits Chargebacks