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Cayan Payment Cartridge

Why can I not refund a payment using the Payment Cartridge?

You cannot refund payments that have not been settled, try voiding the order instead.

Why can I not capture a payment using the Payment Cartridge?

If you cannot capture a payment, contact our Customer Support Team.

Why can I not void an order using the Payment Cartridge?

You cannot void an order that has settled transactions, try refunding the transactions instead.

How do I refund an order using the Payment Cartridge?

You can refund all, or part of, an order’s transactions using the Refund button. You must refund each transaction separately, and you can choose to refund each transaction fully or refund a custom amount that is less than the transaction’s captured value. Note: You can refund settled transactions only. You must void any transactions that […]

How do I void an order using the Payment Cartridge?

You can void orders using the Void button. When you void an order, the Payment Cartridge does the following: Step 1. Refunds any gift card payments Step 2. Captures any uncaptured payments, then voids the transaction; this releases the hold on the customer’s credit card Step 3. Voids any captured transactions that have not been […]

How do I capture payments with the Payment Cartridge?

Capturing payment for orders with single-tender transactions Step 1. On the Orders page, select the Order Number of the order you want to view. Step 2. From the order’s transaction information, click Capture. A dialog box opens confirming the success or failure of the action. Step 3. Click OK.

How do payments work with the Payment Cartridge?

The Payments Portal handles payments in different ways, depending on the type of goods or services that the customer is purchasing with their order. Physical goods When a customer places an order for physical goods, the Payments Portal runs a pre-authorization on their credit card. Once you ship the goods to them, you can finalize […]

How do I view transaction details using the Payment Cartridge?

You can view details for each order by selecting its Order Number. Details include: Reference number Status Order Date Created by Email Payment Status Transaction information Orders with more than one payment method Depending on your account settings, customers can pay for orders using one or more payment method. When a customer uses more than […]

How do I search for orders using the Payment Cartridge?

You can search for orders using the Orders page, there are three search methods available: View the most recent orders Search for an order using its order number Search for orders using the search filters Viewing the most recent orders On the Orders page click Find. The Payment Cartridge displays the most recent orders. Orders […]

How do I open the Payment Cartridge on Salesforce?

You can open the Payment Cartridge from the Merchant Tools menu. Step 1. Click the Select a Site drop-down arrow1. Step 2. Select the site you want to manage. Step 3. Click the Merchant Tools drop-down arrow2. Step 4. On the Cayan Modules submenu3, click Cayan Transaction Manager. When you open the Payment Cartridge, the Business Manager […]