Getting Started

How can I verify if my order has been shipped?

You receive a confirmation email as soon as we ship your order. If you are having trouble finding the shipment tracking number, contact our Technical Support Team, and we will provide you with a status update for your packages. Related articles Can I accept payments from different countries?

When can I capture payments from my e-Commerce store?

When you sell goods and services using e-Commerce, the point at which you can capture a customer’s funds depends on the type of goods or services they buy from you. Note: When a customer pays using a gift card, our Payments Platform runs an instant sale whether the customer is buying physical goods, virtual goods,

I am an existing customer and need to program my credit card processing equipment. What should I do?

If you recently purchased new equipment from us – the equipment should be ready to use. If you purchased the processing equipment from another vendor, or already have a terminal you wish to use – contact our Technical Support Team; they can guide you through the reprogramming procedures. If you have recently set up a

I am a new customer and I need to program my credit card processing equipment. What should I do?

If you need to purchase new credit card processing equipment – contact your sales representative to place your order. If you have existing processing equipment – one of our technicians contacts you to reprogram your equipment within two business days of us approving your merchant account. If you have ordered a gateway or software product