Can my Genius Countertop display line items?

Yes, your Genius device can display line items. Your POS integrator must set this up when they integrate your POS with your Genius device. Note: Not all POS systems support line-item display. To check if you can display line items, contact your POS integrator.

Genius Smart P2PE™ Instruction Manual

If you are using the Genius Smart P2PE solution, you must install and maintain your Genius devices according to the instructions in our P2PE Instruction Manual (PIM). If you have any questions about your Genius Smart P2PE solution, contact Genius Support Team. New to Genius Smart P2PE? In order to enjoy the benefits of Genius […]

Can I stop my Genius device from asking customers for a PIN?

Yes. You can stop your Genius device from asking customers for a PIN during credit card and debit card transactions. For more information, contact our Genius Support Team.

Does my Genius device allow fallback transactions?

Yes. If a customer attempts to pay by dipping their EMV card and your Genius device cannot read the EMV chip, it prompts the customer to remove their card and try again. After three attempts, Genius prompts the customer to remove their card and swipe it instead. You can turn off fallback transactions on your […]

How do I change the supervisor password on my Genius Countertop?

You can change the supervisor password on your Genius device using the Verifone Administration screen. Important: If you lose or forget your supervisor password, you cannot reset it using the Genius device.  To change the supervisor password on your Genius device: Step 1. On the Genius splash screen, press 1, 5, and 9 on the keypad at […]

My Genius Countertop’s Administration page says “No Internet Connection,” what do I do?

“No Internet Connection” displays in the IP address field of the Administration page when your Genius device has not been assigned an IP address.  To resolve the issue: Step 1. Check your device’s network cables are correctly connected. Step 2. Confirm your Genius device is configured for your network. Step 3. Disconnect your Genius device […]

How can I find out my Genius Countertop’s IP address?

You can find your Genius device’s IP address on the Administration page. Step 1. When the Genius splash screen is displayed, press 0 on the keypad three times. Step 2. Using the keypad, type the password, then press Enter (green button). The default password is 9416557. Your Genius device displays the Administration page. Step 3. To […]

My Genius Countertop’s touch screen has a delay, what do I do?

Follow the steps in the flowchart to diagnose the issue with your Genius device. You can also contact our Genius Support Team.

My Genius Countertop isn’t reading chip cards, what do I do?

Your Genius device accepts EMV cards. If your Genius device is not reading a chip card, check that the card is fully inserted into the card slot. If the card is fully inserted, but still is not being read: Step 1. Remove the card from the device. Step 2. Check the card slot is illuminated. […]

Does my Genius Countertop accept EMV cards?

Yes. Your Genius device accepts EMV cards. You should prompt customers with chip cards to insert their card into the card slot that is located beneath the Genius device’s keypad, and follow the on-screen instructions.