How do I use Genius Mini with my mobile device?

To use Genius Mini with an mobile device, you need to install the Genius Mini application and a mobile POS application. You can download the Genius Mini application from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. ​

How do I dispose of the old battery from my Genius Handheld device?

If your battery does not show signs of damage or swelling ​ Open a web browser and navigate to to find your nearest battery recycling location. ​ If your battery shows signs of damage or swelling ​ Call our Genius Support Team. ​ Once you have removed your old battery: ​ Step 1. Cover […]

How do I care for the battery in my Genius Handheld device?

Taking good care of the lithium-ion battery in your Genius Handheld™ device can prolong its life, and prevents hazardous battery failures. To make sure that your battery remains in good working condition, follow the instructions in this article. Storing the battery outside the Genius Handheld device If you store your battery outside the Genius Handheld […]

How do I replace the battery in my Genius Handheld device?

Discharging the old battery Before installing the new battery, we recommend that you fully discharge your old one. To help speed up the discharge process, complete the following actions: Set the sleep timer to maximum Step 1. Tap Settings then tap Display. Step 2. Scroll to Sleep, and tap it. Step 3. Select 30 minutes. […]

Can I use my Genius device to refund transactions?

Yes. To refund a transaction using your Genius device: Step 1. Use your POS to refund the transaction. Step 2. When Genius prompts for a card, ask your customer to use the Genius device to tap, swipe, or insert their card. Note: You cannot use your Genius device to search for and display the details […]

How do I refund an EBT transaction?

You refund an EBT Cash transaction using your POS. You must give your customer the dollar amount in cash as it is not automatically refunded on to their EBT card. You can refund an EBT SNAP transaction using your POS. You need to use the reference on the customer’s receipt to run the refund. The […]

Can I accept EBT as a partial payment?

Yes. If the customer does not have enough EBT on their card to pay for their items, your Genius device displays a partial approval screen. The partial approval screen shows the amount that the customer has already paid using their EBT card but does not show the amount left to pay. You need to inform […]

How do my customers use the Genius device to pay using an EBT card?

Your customer can pay for their goods by: Swiping their EBT card through the Genius device. Using the keypad to type the Primary Account Number (PAN) of their EBT card. Running a swiped EBT transaction Step 1. Customer swipes their card through the Genius device. Step 2. (Optional) Genius prompts the customer to select the EBT […]

Can I use my Genius device to accept EBT cards?

Yes. Depending on your account settings and the type of EBT your customer is using, Genius processes the transaction in different ways. We can set up your Genius device to accept: Only EBT Cash Only EBT SNAP Both EBT Cash and EBT SNAP To start accepting EBT payments, contact our Customer Support Team. Note: You […]

How do I set up my Genius Countertop using the communications module?

Important: If you attach your cables directly to the communications module, make sure you keep your multiport cable in a safe place. You may need to use the multiport cable if you have technical problems with your Genius device. To set up your Genius device, you need to: Attach the cables to your Genius device […]