Can my Genius device and POS share a network connection?

Yes. If you do not have enough Ethernet ports on your router, you can insert the network cable from your POS into your Genius device, instead of inserting it into your router. This means your POS and your Genius device can share a single network connection. ​ Attaching the network cable to the multiport cable

How does the Genius device work with my network?

The Genius device is a payment terminal that connects to your local network using a standard Ethernet cable. We configure Genius with the same gateway credentials that your Point of Sale (POS) uses to process transactions, allowing it to communicate directly with our gateway.  What happens when I plug the Genius device into my network?

How do I view transactions that I ran on my Genius device?

To view transactions that you ran on your Genius device, visit the Payments Portal at Related articles How do I get started with the Payments Portal? What can I do with my search results? How do I search for a transaction?

How does my Genius device work?

Note: Your Genius device does not share any sensitive cardholder data with your POS. Step 1. Your POS sends information about the transaction to your Genius device, such as the price and number of items. Step 2. Your Genius device displays the information to your customer. Step 3. Your customer pays for their items. Step 4.

How do I check my Genius device is ready to use?

Before using your Genius device, we recommend you do the following: Check your Genius device has an IP address and a host name Run a test to check your Genius device can connect to our gateway Run a test transaction on your Genius device Check your Genius device has an IP address and a host

How do I set up my Genius device?

To set up your Genius device, you need to: Attach the cables to your Genius device Set the IP address for your Genius device Set up your POS with your Genius device Part 1. Attach the cables to your Genius device Important: Do not attach a Power over Ethernet (POE) cable to your Genius device.