SwipeSimple Eclipse A200 - EMV Chip Card Reader User Guide

Overview SwipeSimple Eclipse A200 Specifications Supported Devices SwipeSimple version 3.0 works with iOS version 7.0 and above, Android OS version 4.0....

SwipeSimple Eclipse A200 - Application User Guides (iOS, Android, desktop)

Merchant Dashboard User Guide (pdf 2.7mb) Download iOS User Guide (pdf 1.5mb) Download Android User Guide (pdf 1.7mb) Download

My SwipeSimple Eclipse A200 card reader is not being detected

Confirm that you have firmly plugged the card reader into your device. Verify that you are using the most update-to-date version of the SwipeSimple applic...

SwipeSimple Swift B200 - Application User Guides

Pocket-sized Guide (pdf 280kb) Download User Guide (pdf 1.37mb) Download

How do I reset my SwipeSimple password?

You can reset your password from the SwipeSimple Sign-In page. You need to know the following information: The email address associated with your SwipeSim...