FD VX520

My VX520 isn’t detecting cards – the screen shows “Commserver SoftPay,” what do I do?

Meaning The SoftPay home screen needs to be active to process cards. Solution To access the SoftPay home screen: Press F3 (SoftPay – FDMS) Related articles My VX520 is displaying “Power Fail Recovery,” what do I do? My VX520 is displaying Datawire 1007/1008 error, what do I do? My VX520 is displaying “CAPK Error File Not

Verifone VX520 Setup Guide

The VX520 Setup Guide is in PDF format; to view it you need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Setup Guide Related articles How do I access the SoftPay home screen on my VX520 to start processing transactions? How do I connect my VX520 terminal to an Ethernet network? How do I connect