My Genius P400 isn’t reading chip cards, what do I do?

Your Genius device accepts EMV cards. If your Genius device is not reading a chip card, check that the card is fully inserted into the card slot. If the card is fully inserted, but still is not being read: Step 1. Remove the card from the device. Step 2. Contact your POS provider to confirm […]

What are the Genius P400’s default ports?

Port Protocol 443 SSL 8443 HTTPS 8080 HTTP

How does the Genius P400 work with my network?

The Genius device is a payment terminal, that connects to your local network using a standard network cable. We configure Genius with the same Gateway credentials that your Point of Sale (POS) uses to process transactions, allowing it to communicate directly with our gateway. What happens when I plug the Genius device into my network? […]

How do I dispose of the old battery from my Genius Handheld device?

If your battery does not show signs of damage or swelling Open a web browser and navigate to to find your nearest battery recycling location. If your battery shows signs of damage or swelling Call our Customer Support Team at (1) (866) 561-4759. Once you have removed your old battery: Step 1. Cover the […]

How do I care for the battery in my Genius Handheld device?

Taking good care of the lithium-ion battery in your Genius Handheld™ device can prolong its life, and prevents hazardous battery failures. To make sure that your battery remains in good working condition, follow the instructions in this document. Storing the battery outside the Genius Handheld device If you store your battery outside the Genius Handheld […]

How do I change the battery in my Genius Handheld device?

Discharging the old battery Before installing the new battery, we recommend that you fully discharge your old one. To help speed up the discharge process, complete the following actions: Set the sleep timer to maximum Step 1. Tap Settings then tap Display. Step 2. Scroll to Sleep, and tap it. Step 3. Select 30 minutes. […]

Setting up your Genius Countertop using the communications module

Important: If you attach your cables directly to the communications module, make sure you keep your multiport cable in a safe place. You may need to use the multiport cable if you have technical problems with your Genius device. To set up your Genius device, you need to: Attach the cables to your Genius device […]

Can I turn off fallback transactions on my Genius Countertop?

Yes. You can turn off fallback transactions on your Genius device. For more information, contact the Customer Support Team. Note: If you turn off fallback transactions and your Genius device is unable to read a customer’s EMV card, the customer needs to choose another form of payment to complete the transaction. Related articles Does my […]

Can my Genius Countertop display line items?

Yes, your Genius device can display line items. Your POS integrator must set this up when they integrate your POS with your Genius device. Related articles Can I stop my Genius device from asking customer for a PIN? Can I accept payment types other than credit and debit? Can I display a custom image on […]

Can I stop my Genius Countertop from asking customer for a PIN?

Yes. You can stop your Genius device from asking customers for a PIN during credit card and debit card transactions. For more information contact the Customer Support Team.  Related articles Does my Genius device accept EMV cards? Can my Genius device display line items? Can I accept payment types other than credit and debit?