What features can my Genius device support?

The Genius solution is available on the following devices: Genius Countertop (MX 915 and MX925) Genius P400 Genius Handheld Genius Mini The features you can use depend on the type of device you have and what our Customer Support Team and your POS supplier has been enabled. If you want to add transaction types, additional […]

Can I use my Genius device to refund transactions when the customer is not present?

No. You must use your POS or the Payments Portal to refund a transaction when the customer is not present. Note: To refund a transaction using your POS, use the reference number from the original transaction.

How can I contact Customer Support?

If you cannot find the information that you need on this site,  you can contact our Customer Support Team directly by email or telephone. Call us (1) (866) 561-4759 Email us

Why is the Genius Mini application not responding to my sales requests?

The Genius Mini application responds to sales requests sent only by a mobile POS application that you have installed on the same device. The Genius Mini application may not respond to your sales requests because of the following: Incorrect IP address If you are using a dynamic IP address on your Apple device, the address […]

When using Genius Mini, can I configure a static IP address on my mobile device?

Yes. Refer to your product’s user documentation for guidance on configuring a static IP address.

Can I connect my Genius Mini to any wireless network?

Yes. Genius Mini can use any wireless network or your cellular network to connect to the Internet.

Can I check if my Genius Mini is connected to my mobile device?

You can check if your Genius Mini is connected to your Apple device using the Info menu of the Genius Mini Application. From the splash screen, tap Info.

How do I connect my mobile POS to Genius Mini?

You must install your mobile POS application on the same device you have paired with Genius Mini. You need to enter your device’s IP address when configuring your mobile POS application.

How do I find out my device’s IP address when using Genius Mini?

When using the Genius mobile application, you can find out your device’s IP address using the Info menu. ​ From the splash screen, tap Info. ​ ​

How do I pair my Genius Mini with my mobile device?

Important: You must use the Genius Mini application to pair Genius Mini with your mobile device. The Genius Mini application does not recognize your Genius Mini if you pair the device using your mobile device’s system settings. Step 1. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device. Step 2. On Genius Mini, press the power button once. The […]