How do I add a customer for recurring billing?

How do I add a customer for recurring billing?

Before you can set up recurring billing for a customer, you must create a profile to store their payment information and recurring billing contract.

Important: You must enter either a first name and a last name, or a company name when you add a new customer for recurring billing.

To add a customer for recurring billing:

Step 1. On the toolbar, click Recurring Billing.

Step 2. On the side menu, click Add New Customer.

Step 3. Type the Customer Information:

  a. Customer ID. You can assign a Customer ID that includes numbers and letters.

  b. Company

  c. First Name

  d. Last Name

  e. Title

  f. Department

Step 4. Type the Contact Information:

  a. Email Address

  b. Daytime Phone

  c. Evening Phone

  d. Mobile Phone

  e. Fax Phone

Step 5. Enter the Billing Address:

  a. Address Line 1

  b. Address Line 2

  c. Address Line 3

  d. City

  e. Using the drop-down menu, select the State or Province.

  f. Postal Code

Step 6. Click Add Customer.

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